Re-elect Alexandra Arboleda, a water lawyer, to serve on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD) Board of Directors.  Arizona is at a pivotal point where it must balance rapid growth with reduced water supplies.  Alexandra Arboleda is a visionary water leader with the knowledge, experience, and demonstrated commitment to find collaborative and innovative solutions to our water challenges.

The CAWCD Board oversees the operation and management of the 336 miles long Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal. CAP delivers Arizona’s Colorado River water supplies to 80% of the state's population, industry, agriculture, and Indian tribes in central and southern Arizona.  About 40% of our water supply comes from the Colorado River. The most important role of the CAWCD is ensuring water security for Arizonans – safe, secure, affordable water supplies for present and future generations, while also protecting the Colorado River. 

Fifteen CAWCD Board members represent Maricopa(10), Pima (4), and Pinal (1) Counties, and non-partisan elections are held every two years for five seats in the November general election. Vote for ALEXANDRA ARBOLEDA for CAWCD Board on November 8th.

  • Uniquely Qualified
    • Decades of experience as a water and natural resources attorney in Phoenix, Arizona
    • Six years of service as a Director on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD) Board and two years on the Executive Committee
    • Currently serving as Secretary of the CAWCD Board of Directors and Chair of the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD) and Underground Storage Committee
    • Currently serving as Commissioner on the Arizona Water Banking Authority (AWBA)
    • Previously served on Finance, Audit and Power Committee and as Co-Chair of the Water Quality Standards Task Force
    • Flinn Brown Civic Leadership Academy Fellow - 2018
    • Harvard Kennedy School Public Leadership Credential - 2021/2022
  • Visionary Leader
    • Active participant in negotiations responding to water shortages that led to the Drought Contingency and 500+ Plans with voluntary, compensated system conservation and mitigation for users most impacted by reductions
    • Advocate for transition to reliable and diversified energy portfolio, including two solar projects
    • Leader of diverse stakeholder group to develop water quality standards for wheeling non-project water through the CAP canal
    • Facilitate stakeholder presentations and committee discussions regarding the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District
    • Lead committee to adopt guiding principles for interaction with the Governor's Water Augmentation, Innovation, and Conservation Council
    • Strong record of collaboration and partnership with stakeholders and government representatives to resolve water issues
  • Fiscally Sound Policy Advocate
    • Advance short and long term solutions to ensure secure, safe, affordable water supplies for all Arizonans
    • Engage with the seven basin states, the federal government, and Mexico in negotiations for revised shortage sharing guidelines that include the participation of all water users in the Colorado River basin
    • Support balanced perspective that values affordable water rates, fiscally sound economic and tax policy, transparency, and accountability
    • Facilitate discussions with stakeholders and the community on pathways to sustainable growth
    • Advocate for sustainable water management through conservation, reuse, and responsible augmentation and preservation of the Colorado River ecosystem
    • Promote transition to diversified, reliable, affordable energy portfolio that includes renewable energy
    • Encourage the development and implementation of new technologies to increase water efficiencies and reduce consumptive uses

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