2016 Attorney at Law Magazine Article

2016 Attorney at Law Magazine Article

Looking dreamily at photographs of pure white snow or pristine tawny sand and azure skies, trying to catch my breath, I am officially weary of this election season.  I cannot stand another horrific video, and I fear that the whole world has become cynical about our political process.  Perhaps my efforts to reach people will only fall on deaf ears.  The deafness is understandable.  

Here is my message: There are qualified, caring, kind people out there - who actually want to give and serve their communities - who will take time out of their busy lives to grapple with the difficult challenges we face - and they are running for down ballot offices.  During my campaign, I have had the great pleasure of meeting many of them; they inspire me and give me hope for our future.  

Do your research.  Figure out who is qualified, who has the character you respect, who has the values you share and the vision you aspire to.  And vote.  

I'd be honored to have your vote, but even more I hope the best people for the job who have a genuine desire to do the work - win.  Here is a little article about me in Attorney at Law magazine if you find yourself so inclined to click on the link and read it: https://goo.gl/hJ1bDv.  Feel free to share it with friends and family too.


In the coming weeks, may you find bits of inspiration here and there amidst the chaos of our beloved democracy.

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