About Candidate

Re-elect a water lawyer to serve on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors.

When I was seven years old, I moved to Tucson and fell in love with the Arizona lifestyle.  My father was a Professor of Political Science at University of Arizona, and my mother was a high school English teacher.  Some of my fondest family memories involve riding our horses, J.P. or Tradewind, and hiking with my family in the mountains near Tucson. Through these experiences I developed a love of the outdoors and a respect for the importance and the scarcity of water in an arid environment.  My travels through Latin America in my twenties expanded my love of the outdoors and my awareness of the necessity for sustainable water supplies in all parts of the world.  

I earned my B.A. in political science from Stanford University and my J.D. from University of Arizona, where I met my husband, Carlos Manuel Arboleda.  Shortly after graduating from law school, we got married and moved to Phoenix, where we raised two children who have attended schools in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley.  Carlos, who shared my love of Arizona and the outdoors, passed away in 2020 at the age of 52 after a brave battle against cancer.  I also lost my father when he was 52 in a horseback riding accident.  Now, more than ever, I care about the legacy we leave for our children and future generations; I'm committed to doing the work needed to serve my community and all of our families who depend on the waters of the Colorado River.  

I have dedicated my career to solving Arizona’s water and natural resource challenges. In addition to serving as Secretary of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors, I am Chair of the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District and Underground Storage Committee as well as a Commissioner on the Arizona Water Banking Authority. In addition, I am a Fellow of the Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy, and I recently earned the Public Leadership Credential from Harvard Kennedy School.

As an attorney with TSL Law Group PLC, I enjoy seeking creative solutions that benefit all parties in resolving difficult and complex challenges. The depth and breadth of my experience as a water resources attorney give me a unique and diverse understanding of the issues related to management of Arizona’s Colorado River supplies. I have experience working on the general stream adjudications and Indian water rights settlements, as well as surface water rights, groundwater management and the Law of the Colorado River.