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Father's Day 2022

I lost my father when I was 25 years old and my husband when I was 50.  My father died in a horseback riding accident.  My husband died after a stroke and an 18-month battle against cancer.  I am grateful each day that I get to be here, to go on living, feeling the sand between my toes and the wind in my hair.  I appreciate that I got each of them for 25 years.


When my husband, Carlos, was facing his last weeks, many of his family came to see him.  His Uncle Gilberto was speaking to our son about where he grew up in Venezuela, inviting my son to come see the ranch.  Carlos and I didn’t take our kids to the ranch because it seemed too risky with the ongoing political turmoil.  At that moment, I glanced at my husband and saw a single tear roll down his cheek.  My heart broke imagining the pain he felt, knowing that he would never be able to show his country of origin to his own son.  He passed away shortly thereafter.


So, when you ask me why I am in public service, it’s because I want to serve others and do work that has meaning and purpose - for the greater good.  The experience of grief and loss can be an opportunity to grow, to expand one’s compassion, capacity for love, and courage.  It is humbling to realize that life can change in an instant, and it makes you appreciate the ones you love and the simple moments of joy each day.  There is nothing better than having my two children together, laughing from our souls.  No bucket list fulfilled makes a difference in the end.  What matters is that they get to go on living, dreaming, hoping, falling, and getting up, and I get to share it with them.  It matters that I do my part to make sure this world is better for our children and grandchildren.


My father and the father of my children truly loved this country, the values it stands for, and the opportunities it provided them.  My father’s relatives fought in every war since the Revolutionary War so that we could pursue our collective aspiration of life, liberty, and happiness with a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  My husband was a naturalized citizen and he was proud to call America home.  This Father’s Day let’s remember the bonds that hold us together, our common vision of a place where all can live free - may we see each other’s dignity and humanity always.  If there is anything my father and the father of my children stood for it is the courage to take a stand for what you believe in and an appreciation for the privilege of living here in the United States of America, the land of opportunity.


We are facing unprecedented challenges with drought and climate change in the Colorado River basin.  At this critical time, experience and judgment matter.  I hope that you will trust me to serve you for a second term on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors.  Thank you.

Alexandra Arboleda

2016 Arizona Republic Article

I am honored to have received the endorsement of The Arizona Republic as a candidate for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors.  The Arizona Republic editorial board says, "Alexandra Arboleda is an attorney who has been practicing water law in Arizona for more than a decade, working on general stream adjudications, surface water rights, groundwater management, Native American water rights and the law of the Colorado River. She says Arizona is at a pivotal point in water planning, facing drought, a structural deficit and energy challenges. As the mother of two children, her goal is to preserve the Arizona lifestyle she came to love while growing up in Tucson. She favors creative, pragmatic solutions that put politics aside."  You can read the full article here:  http://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/editorial/2016/10/30/cap-board-endorsement/92899802/.


2016 Article by Raising Arizona Kids' Karen Barr

Imagine my happiness when I opened this month's Raising Arizona Kids magazine and saw Karen Barr's eloquent endorsement of my campaign to serve on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors.  You can read the article below.  I am so grateful and honored to receive her support.  Thank you Karen Barr.

Alexandra Arboleda has a passion for water

Alexandra Arboleda

Publisher Karen Davis Barr (with her husband, Dan) at a June campaign event for Alexandra Arboleda (with her husband, Carlos).

You could call Phoenix mom Alexandra Arboleda a water nerd and she’d be flattered. She’s passionate about water — specifically about protecting this precious resource for future generations.

Her family moved to Arizona when she was 7, and she grew up hiking and horseback riding in the Tucson area. At an early age, she developed a deep and abiding respect for the importance and scarcity of water in an arid environment.

She focused on water law in law school and practiced in that area of specialty for 10 years, so she really understands such terms as “general stream adjudications” and “surface-water rights.”

Alex also is a writer, which is how I came to know her. She was with some other moms who who met me over coffee a couple of years ago to learn about contributing articles to 

Alex was intrigued by the idea of creating a “village” of parents who would comment on important and sometimes controversial topics: parenting in blended families, teen dating, overprotective parenting and more. For almost two years, she curated a feature she called “Voices From the Village” — selecting topics, finding parents to contribute and pulling it all together for publication.

One of those topics — raising multi-ethnic, multi-cultural children — hit home for Alex, whose husband, Carlos, was raised in Venezuela and Colombia by parents of Italian and Spanish ancestry. They have two children: Isabel, 15, and Nicolas, 12.

As I got to know Alex, I grew increasingly impressed. She’s a person of great emotional depth and professional integrity. She’s smart, hardworking and honest. She is incredibly curious and loves nothing more than meeting someone — or learning something — new.

Alex suspended her writing for RAK about the time she decided to start her own water-law practice in Phoenix. Not too long after that, the devoted athlete (she’s also certified to teach yoga) had two hip-replacement surgeries.

Recently, I learned that Alex is running for a position on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors. And I thought, “Well, of course she is!”

It makes perfect sense to have a water law expert on the nonpartisan board, which operates and manages the 336-mile Central Arizona Project canal. The most important role of the CAWCD is to ensure safe, secure, affordable water supplies for present and future generations.

But as political campaigns go, running for the water board doesn’t get much attention. Water planning is a complicated and, let’s face it, mind-numbingly dull topic to most of us. As long as we can turn on the tap and see running water, we rarely think about where it comes from or how much remains to meet our community’s growing demand.

Thank goodness for people like Alex, who find the topic of water delivery and its many-layered challenges both intriguing and energizing.

Five positions on the 15-member board will be filled during the upcoming November elections. The race is “down ballot,” meaning the candidates are listed near the bottom of the ballot, where they’re often ignored by weary voters. On top of that, the board positions are nonpartisan, so if you tend to vote your party when you don’t know much about the candidates in a particular race, that strategy won’t help you here.

Because the race is nonpartisan, and because I know what a good person Alex is, and because I believe her credentials are critical to a board tasked with ensuring our water supply, I’m hoping you will remember her name. Learn more at alexandra4az.com.

2016 Attorney at Law Magazine Article

Looking dreamily at photographs of pure white snow or pristine tawny sand and azure skies, trying to catch my breath, I am officially weary of this election season.  I cannot stand another horrific video, and I fear that the whole world has become cynical about our political process.  Perhaps my efforts to reach people will only fall on deaf ears.  The deafness is understandable.  

Here is my message: There are qualified, caring, kind people out there - who actually want to give and serve their communities - who will take time out of their busy lives to grapple with the difficult challenges we face - and they are running for down ballot offices.  During my campaign, I have had the great pleasure of meeting many of them; they inspire me and give me hope for our future.  

Do your research.  Figure out who is qualified, who has the character you respect, who has the values you share and the vision you aspire to.  And vote.  

I'd be honored to have your vote, but even more I hope the best people for the job who have a genuine desire to do the work - win.  Here is a little article about me in Attorney at Law magazine if you find yourself so inclined to click on the link and read it: https://goo.gl/hJ1bDv.  Feel free to share it with friends and family too.


In the coming weeks, may you find bits of inspiration here and there amidst the chaos of our beloved democracy.