Pay It Forward


On this historic day for women in America, please consider donating to my campaign at; help spread the word through social media and e mail.  I am running to serve on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District, the Board of Directors that manages the Central Arizona Project and our Colorado River supplies.  I need your help to reach thousands of voters in Maricopa County.  Your donation will help pay for my website, literature, media, and consulting.  My volunteers are working tirelessly to help me get elected, but we can’t do it without your support


Regardless of your party affiliation or how you feel about politicians, it is a historic moment for anyone who has been an advocate for a woman's right to vote, to have equal rights and to challenge expectations or assumptions about what women can do.  I have had countless opportunities and privileges that my grandmothers and my mother did not enjoy.  My mother and father always made me feel like I could do anything or be anything in life – without limits – and that being a woman is pretty awesome.  While I can’t pay them back for all they did to make my life better, I can pay it forward. 


When I received this hand-written note from my 15-year-old daughter on Mother’s Day, I realized that I am running not only to solve Arizona’s water challenges but also for her.  I want my daughter to know that she can be anything she wants if she dreams big, works hard, and has courage.


"Dear Mom,

I love you so much!  You are one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met, and such a great role model.  Especially this year, you have taken on so many projects that each have such a fabulous impact on the world.  And on top of that you take care of Nico and me and keep the house looking gorgeous.  I don’t know how you can do even half of what you are doing...  I am so thankful to have a mom like you who I can look up to and have aspirations to be like.  In my eyes, your life has been non-stop just achieving and crushing expectations…  I think it’s so cool how you are always passing expectations for women while at the same time taking care of Nico and me…  You’re always there for me too no matter what’s going on in your life…  You’re so generous, you always give all of yourself to people or projects…  I think you’re one of the coolest people I’ve ever met because you aren’t afraid to break the mold.  You’re so tough, that even when you get criticized you get right back up and prove again how cool you are…  You’re such an amazing mom and person, and I love you so much it’s crazy.  Thank you for being you because you inspire me every day.

Love, Isabel"


My mother used to tell me that our duty in life is like concentric circles – we must take care of our family first, then our friends and neighbors, and then our community and world – but we have a responsibility to give to all three in our lives.  As a young person, I focused on my family and friends.  Once my two children were born, all my decisions were made for them and my focus was on my family and sometimes friends and neighbors.  Now that my kids are more independent, I feel it is my duty to look beyond the personal, to serve my community, and to tackle the challenges facing Arizona.


As a water attorney, a writer, a teacher, and a mom, my path has been winding, but I have been inspired by other women who have had the courage and determination to follow their dreams and change the world.  Please consider making a donation today to help me achieve my goals.


With sincere gratitude,


Alexandra Arboleda
Candidate for CAWCD Board
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Alexandra Arboleda

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