Water is Essential to Our Future

Water is essential to our future.  It’s hot here in the Valley of the Sun, and we rely on water to sustain us - to quench our thirst, cool us down, and grow our food.  Water is critical to our community.  While we discuss jobs, education and immigration, we all know that these conversations are only possible if we have safe, secure, affordable water supplies.

Thanks to your help, I’m officially on the ballot, November 8th!  We collected over a thousand signatures.  Now, we need to focus on sharing the message with as many voters as we can.  Can I count on your support?

In October, early ballots will be mailed.  There are over a million registered voters in Maricopa County, and we have to reach as many people as we can.  We need to raise over $10,000 to pay for digital advertising, signs and mail.

I’m running to serve on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD) Board of Directors because I care about water and the future of Arizona. The CAWCD operates and manages the 336-mile long Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal, which delivers Arizona’s Colorado River water supplies to southern Arizona.

Arizona needs a water law expert on the water board.

  • I’m uniquely qualified with decades of experience as a water attorney and expertise in Arizona water rights.  
  • I’ll provide vision and leadership to prevent a water crisis, promote innovation and new technologies, and work in partnership with governments and communities to resolve water issues.
  • I’m a fiscally sound policy advocate who will engage our community on wise growth options, diversify the canal’s energy sources and keep our water needs affordable.

Please consider donating what you can at www.alexandra4az.com or mail a check made out to Alexandra for Arizona to P.O. Box 55356, Phoenix, AZ 85078-0356.  Also include your occupation, employer, mailing address, phone number and e mail address.  Every donation – no matter how much- makes a difference!

Thank you for your continuing support.  Remember to vote “Double A” on November 8th.  It’s a non-partisan race, and anyone who is registered in Maricopa County can vote regardless of party affiliation.


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